SR 2200 Cell Wall Stain

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Microscope Stain

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SR2200 cell wall stain is used for studying plant reproduction. (It is also known SCRI Renaissance


We have pleasure in presenting images of Arabidopsis Thaliana siliques stained with SR2200 and

viewed through Zeiss 880 Laser Scanning Microscope.

We wish to thank Halima Morin for sending the images to us.

Halima Morin

Equipe: Développement floral et déterminisme du sexe

IPS2- INRA- UMR 1403

Bât 630


91190 Gif sur Yvette

Tél: 0169157656

A protocol for staining has been published in the following paper:-

Use of SCRI Renaissance 2200 (SR2200) as a Versatile Dye for Imaging of Developing

Embryos, Whole Ovules, Pollen Tubes and Roots

Thomas J. Musielak, Patrick Bürgel, Martina Kolb and Martin Bayer*