SCRI Renaissance Stain 2200


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Microscope Stain

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Solution of fluorescer, suitable for the staining of beta 1,4 and beta 1,3 linkages prevalent in many polysaccharides

Modified fluorescer with increased solubility.  Used in applications where other common stains for polysaccharides may be problematic.
We feature a series of images of fluorescent stained fungi, in soils stained with SCRI Renaissance 2200, and one image of a soil stained competitor stain (showing crystalline  fluorescer interference) with thanks to Mrs Kirstie Binnie 

The James Hutton Institute

Mycol. Res. 106 (3) : 293-297 (March 2002)

In situ visualisation of fungi in soil thin sections : problems with crystallisation of the fluorochrome FB28 ( Calcofluor MR2 ) and improved staining by SCRI Renaissance 2200

Harris K. Crabb D. Et. Al.

Image 1. Image from thin section of R.solani colonised soil stained with SCRI Renaissance 2200. Image width 535 microns

Image 2. R. solani grown on PDA and stained with SCRI Renaissance 2200. Image width 186 microns

Image 3. R. solani grown on potato dextrose agar (PDA) and stained with SCRI Renaissance 2200.  Image width 308 microns


Image 4. Image from the thin section of R. solani colonised soil stained with traditional stain, supplied by a major catalogue.

Note production of crystals around hyphae.  Image width 345 microns.
Properties of SCRI Renaissance 2200

Aqueous Solution

Active Content 20%

Absorption Max 350nm