A silver chloride / titanium composite, particulate biocidal product, safe to humans and the environment. It is especially suitable for the protection of Textiles, Paper Coatings and Leather, as a replacement for traditional products; the use of which may be heavily controlled. It is used as an environmentally acceptable preservative for Starch, CMC and coatings, as in food contact paper and medical paper.

The product is a stable, pourable, robust liquid and can be handled without special precautions.

Despite the safety of the product it is a potent biocide and offers a broad spectrum of activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria. It is active against fungi at higher incorporation levels.


Appearance: White mobile pourable liquid
Chemical Composition: Silver chloride in a protective titanium oxide sponge
Charge: Anionic, gel
Particle Size: 1 – 3 microns


May be applied by the common industrial application techniques to substrates and coatings.

Exhaustion or surface treatment of cotton and leather:
Biosilver is suitable for all the common exhaustion and padding techniques and will exhaust on to cotton and other fibres with surface imperfections. The mechanism is one of simple physical attraction of the micro particulate biocide to the coarse fibre surface.
Biosilver will not attract easily to smooth surfaces and then surface application becomes necessary. If mixed fibre blends are used it may be possible to exhaust the biocide onto one fibre but give full protection to the mixture.

Addition Levels
These are guideline figures. Individual customers may require different dosages.
Cotton - 50g per 100kg fabric
Polyester cotton - 50g per 100kg fabric
Leather - 200g per 100kg

This technique works for most fabric types and is particularly useful for smoother fibres. Smooth fibres, for example polypropylene and polyester need an acrylic binder.

Addition Levels
100g to 200g per 100kg fabric

Paper Size Press
For the production of medical papers, artists' papers and premium wallpapers. Paper stored in humid conditions is susceptible to attack by mould.
Addition at the wet end of the Paper Machine is possible but un-proven. Surface addition affords an economical way of applying Biosilver to paper, to give protection against mould.

Addition Levels
Apply at the size press equivalent to 500g per tonne paper.

Paper and other Coatings
Pigmented latex coatings for food contact applications and other special applications may be preserved with Biosilver.

Addition Levels
CMC 500g per tonne solution
Starch 500g per tonne solution
SBR Latex 150g per tonne latex
Styrene Acrylic latex 200g per tonne latex

Moulded Pulp Products for Medical Applications
Spray Addition at levels 500-1000g per tonne of paper may be considered. This application is un-proven.


pH Range tolerated 3-12
Drying temperatures tolerated All drying temperatures are tolerated


Acids within the specified pH range
Alkalis within the specified pH range
Oxidising bleaches within the specified pH range


Reducing agents
Direct Gas Drying with reducing gasses
Redox Compounds
Sulphur Dyes
Auxiliaries with cationic charges should be used at a different stage of the production process
Wool may need special evaluation
Technical Advice can be provided on request.


After application of Biosilver at the correct addition levels, there is no adverse effect on lightfastness of fabric. The titanium sponge protects the silver from the adverse effect of light. Neat Biosilver should be stored in the original closed containers, to prevent any degradation of the concentrated product.


We can assist customers with microbiological testing.


5kg Opaque 19cm wide x 15cm deep x 27cm high
20kg Opaque 29cm wide x 29cm deep x 42cm high
IMT Opaque 1.2m wide x 1.2m depth x 1.0 m high
Alternative packaging may be offered
Customs Tariff Code 3808 4090


Biosilver presents no hazard to man and the environment. The degradation product is metallic silver, present in soil at background levels of 60ppb. No hazard labelling is required.


Storage temperature 5o C to 50o C
Do not allow to freeze
Shelf Life 18 months maximum


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