Cationic water soluble polymer recommended for the efficient neutralisation of the optical brightening effect of fluorescent whitening agents.


It is used for the production of non fluorescent paper from brightened waste paper.
Another important use is during grade changes. It is used to kill fluorescence when changing from whites to colours, or when changing from fluorescent to non fluorescent white grades.
It can be used in brown packaging grades made from waste, to kill the brightener in the waste and reduce dye consumption.


It may be added at the wet end at a suitable addition point. It may be added continuously or batchwise. It can be added to stock or backwater.
Addition Level
The correct addition level must be found by mill trial. It will depend on furnish and machine conditions. Addition level is typically in the region of 1 – 5kg/tonne

Typical Properties

Chemical Composition:  Cationic Polymer
Appearance:  Amber coloured low viscosity liquid
Solubility:  Miscible with water in all proportions
Specific Gravity:  1.10
pH:  3.5


Store in closed containers. If the containers are left open evaporation will take place and the solution will be damaged. Do not store in direct sunlight and do not expose to direct heat. Use oldest batches first.


This product contains biocides to prevent spoilage during storage. Nevertheless containers should be kept closed. Piping and tanks should be cleaned with disinfectant before and after use. Dirty buckets and tools must not be used.


25kg Polypacks

200kg Drums

1,000kg Semi Bulk Containers