High Molecular Weight Cationic emulsion readily miscible with water, for stock addition. It improves printability, dimensional stability, and resistance to ink penetration.


It may be added at the wet end at a suitable addition point. It may be added continuously or batchwise.

Addition Level

The correct addition level must be found by mill trial. It will depend on furnish and machine conditions. Addition is normally in the range of 0.75 – 2.25kg/tonne

Typical Properties

Appearance:  White Liquid

pH:  6.8 – 7.4

Brookfield Viscosity cps:  100 max.  (250C Spindle SC4-18, 60rpm)

Non volatile matter %:  38 – 42   (2g, 30min 1300C)

Stability Test:  Passes Test

Storage:  Frost will damage this product. Store at temperatures >5oC Maximum Storage temperature 35oC